Tools every home owner should have

Every home owner should have some tools for your home improvement and in case you have an emergency and you need to repair something. Buy yourself a big toolbox and fill it up with some of these tools.
1. Hammer

They are many types of hammers. They differ mostly by weight and the strength of the head. The most common type of hammer is the claw hammer. Its claw is a lever and it is used to remove nails from timber. The hammer head can be used to drive nails into surfaces. The hammer can also be used to shape metals. It is also used to hit cold chisels or to break things up like a sledge hammer. You can be able to use it to break things up like masonry, stones and concrete. This is a multi-purpose tool that every home owner should have.

2. Drill
They are many types of drills. We have the hand drill, breast drill, Push drill, electric rotary, electric hammer drill, drill press and many more. The drill is mainly used for maintenance and repair works around the house. A drill is used primarily for boring holes in all type of materials. The electric drill is a multi-purpose tool, facilitated by a number of accessories and attachments. Drills can be used for many tasks like sanding, grinding and many more. They’re many types of electric drills and all come in handy in your home improvement tasks.

3. Pliers
Pliers come in many different forms and shapes depending on the usage. The main purpose of all these pliers is tightening and untightening of bolts, cutting of wires, removal of outer shield of wire in electric works. If you don’t already have a pliers in your tool box please get one.

4. Screw driver
A screw driver is a basic tool that we should all have in our homes. They’re many types of screw drivers and accessories. The main use of a screw driver is to screw and unscrew. It can also be used to make holes in soft materials, if you don’t have a drill.

5. Shovel
A shovel is a must have tool in your outdoor home improvement tasks. It can be used to dig holes where the surface is very soft. You can also use it to scoop waste from your lawn and also clear snow from your drive way.

6. Utility knife
This is a multi-purpose knife that comes in handy in your home improvement tasks. A utility knife has many uses including:

  • A utility knife has a very sharp blade. You can use it cut Drywall. It is able to slice through the drywall thick paper face.
  • A utility knife can also be used to trim roof shingles. All you need to do is to flip the shingle and cut along the back surface.
  • It can also be used to cut through the vinyl flooring. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you cut the vinyl flooring accurately for it to fit perfectly.
  • You can use the utility knife to remove an old caulk. When replacing an old caulk you will need to cut away the old caulk before you apply a bead to a joint.
  • When replacing a worn out window screen you can use a utility knife to cut off the inevitable excess mesh. A utility knife is a must-have tool and there will always be 1000 ways to use it.

7.Teflon tape

A Teflon tape is also known as a plumber’s tape helps you get a watertight seal around a joint. It also makes it easy for you to remove the joints because it prevents the joints from sticking. It very easy it uses but you must make sure to use it the right way. It is mainly recommended for use when the threaded connections don’t come with a rubber seal.

How to use a plumbers tape

  • The first thing you need to do is to clean the male thread. You can use a clean rag to clean the end of the pipe.
  • You should now place the end of the Teflon the second thread. The tape should be flat and held using your thumb. Now all you have to do is start the tape on the pipe in opposite direction. Make sure the tape is tight. Complete four to seven wraps and finish at the end of the thread. At the end cut the tape from the roll by gripping it between your fingers.

8. Flashlight

A flashlight is a must-have tool in your house for obvious reasons. Many people stock their homes with extra flashlights and batteries fi case of a power outage. We usually keep flashlights in our homes for emergencies. Whether its car trouble or p[power outage s you will need flashlights. Flashlights are also very important during construction and repairs. When the sun goes down flashlights can help you see what you are working on. Also when you inspecting houses, flashlights come in handy. You can use it to detect molds and also water leaks from plumbing and ceilings.
Safety tools [gloves, Dust masks, and safety glasses]

9.Working gloves

While working on your home improvement projects you can easily injure your hands through chemicals, cuts or burns. It is very important to know the risk involved so that you can be able to select the appropriate glove. They are the variety of gloves in the market, cotton and fabric gloves, coated fabric gloves, rubber, plastic or synthetic gloves, leather gloves, aluminized gloves, Kevlar gloves, chemical resistant gloves, butyl rubber gloves, natural latex/rubber gloves, neoprene gloves, nitrile rubber gloves.

10.Dust mask

It’s also known as a nuisance mask. A dust mask is a mandatory piece of safety equipment when you are doing your home improvement tasks. It serves as a protection against dust, airborne contaminations, and pathogens that could cause major illness. It can also protect you dangerous chemical or vapor that can harm you.

11.Safety glasses

Your eyes are very sensitive; you should always protect them while working. Why risk losing your eyesight? To avoid injuries to your eyes you should wear safety glasses or goggles. You should always wear safety glasses when doing this type of jobs: soldering, brazing, cutting, and welding and when working with chemicals.



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