Renovation Ideas

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Turn your bedroom into something new and make it a haven where you can sleep and relax. These makeover ideas are really effective and perfect, even if you have a small space. Get inspired today and plan for your bedroom improvement project.
Here are the bedroom makeover ideas that will make your bedroom beautiful.

1. Move the furniture

It’s time to change the look of your bedroom by moving your furniture from one place to another. If you think your room is crowded, then it’s time for you to get rid or move the things that use a big space, especially if the furniture is not really useful.

2. Paint the wall

Try to consider changing the color of your wall. You can also use two colors to express your personality and style. Some people prefer to be artistic and include arts in the wall. You can be creative, but don’t forget to consider design that you are going to use.

3. Curtain combination

Instead of using one color for the curtain, you might want to use two colors. You can combine white with any color of your choice. It will give a new look to your bedroom without spending too much money.


Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then you need to consider these renovation ideas. Aside from maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom, you also need to make it look beautiful. Always remember, every design in your place is very important.
Here are the renovation ideas that will refresh your bathroom.

1. Add a storage

Forget those old cabinets, you need to add shelving in your bathroom and use it as your new storage. You can maximize the space by moving the large furniture. You can also paint it to express your personality.

2. Use neutral color

If the color of your bathroom is too dark, then it’s time for you to change the current color. You need to use a neutral color for the base of your wall. Of course, you can include dark color in the design to make it look calm and artistic.

3. Change the light

Your bathroom will never be boring if the light is cool. Choose a different one, so you can change the current look. This renovation idea is not expensive. You can upgrade your bathroom to the next level without spending too much time and money.

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