If you’re looking for pre-teen bedroom decor ideas, then think about what your children love sports, music, and etc. Think through their perspective. A teen bedroom is not only their place to sleep; it’s their escape place from the demanding world. It’s their happy place. With proper planning and hard work, all ideas can tie together perfectly. Design their rooms so that it’s their mini apartment, where they can spend their time well. These are some of the ideas you can utilize to create a very attractive room for your teens.


As we said before, a pre-teen or a teen room is more than a sleeping area. It should be more like a mini apartment. You should divide the room into various sections to meet their needs.
Sleeping Area.
You should be versatile while designing this area. You can come up with various ideas depending on your child’s personality. For example, you can make a hanging bed. You can style the room with a fully or partially hanging bed. These beds are usually made of chain and wood and they can make the bedroom a fun place to be.

Nautical bed.

This bed is made without any screw or nails. These very comfortable type of bed hangs from rope and rafters.


This hanging bed is usually used in the bedroom, porch or in the family room. It is very unique and gorgeous. It has an antique look that will look very amazing in a well lighten up a room.

Rocking bed

These beds usually use chains to hang. The rocking bed is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Pallet bed.

You can use the pallets that you’ve been stockpiling to make a very good bed.
Industrial hanging wood bed.
You can either use wood and rope or wood and pipe. It usually has an attractive and sharp industrial look.


Every child should have an area in their room where they can study and prepare for examinations, school work, and projects. Make sure space meets the needs of your teen. To make a perfect study area, you need the following items:
A desk with a large working space and some drawers.
A desk lamp
A chalkboard or bulletin board.
You need to equip their desk it with everything that they need; pens, pencils, staplers, paper punch, highlighter, sticky notes. They also need a calendar to record their goals and to also plan ahead. A good study area needs a clock to keep track of the time. If by any chance there is not enough space, you can place a table in their walk-in closet. You can turn your bed into a loft bed, which will allow you to set up a desk underneath. Always make use of the available space, be more creative and flexible.


Teens usually need a cool place to ring their friends. It should be unique and personalized. You should let them have a say in the design so that they can appreciate it. You can even make it into a gaming room for them to enjoy with their friends. A small bench against the bed’s footboard can be a versatile lounge. If space is a big challenge throw a pillow or a rug in a corner for a lounge area.

Remodel the walls with bold designs.

Teens really appreciate a place that has a place that has high energy and very colorful. The walls are the best place that you can work on. You can paint the walls with very bright colors e.g. red, yellow, gold, purple. You can even go to the extent of mixing all these colors to give a unique bright look. To achieve an urban style, you can have paint or graffiti wall treatment. You can also have custom prints and pictures on the wall. Another thing you can do on the walls is to make signs from neon lights.

Add fun to the room.

There are various ways you can add fun to the room. You can use create hanging chairs and swings. Make sure that they’re all properly secured for security reasons. You also add hanging beds, round beds. A fish tank can also be mounted on the wall to create that unique, attractive environment for more fun and entertainment; you can add monitors, video games, laptops, and pc. Computers are not just for gaming but also for studying purpose.

Make use of fabrics and textures.

You can use colorful hanging curtains to divide your spaces. These curtains may have drawing and pictures of what interest your kids. It may be their favorite football player, musician or anything that interests them. You can also use beddings and pillows of various colors. You can also use a faux fur rug. On the wall, you can use velvet wallpapers. The wallpapers should be of what interests them, that is why we said before you should consult with your kids to know their interests so that the renovation you do will be based on a certain theme.

Design the floor

You can also remodel and design the floor. You can use different designs, colors, and textures on the floor. Special drawings can also be done on the floor. You can draw the picture of their favorite action figure on the floor. Special files and colorful carpets can also be used to make the room more attractive and colorful.

Special storage.

Teens have a lot of stuff and without proper storage, the room can become a little bit messy. You can make a cabinet wall around the bed. You can also make them shelves and cabinet at the study area to keep their books and other stationeries that they may need. If space is very limited make use of under the bed storage bin and storage bencher.

Special lighting

Teens don’t like very bright lights. Instead of using the normal bulbs, use colored bulbs. You can even use neon lights to make the room more attractive, colorful and appealing.


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