A kitchen should always look fresh and lively. If your budget is small and you are able to do a full rework of your kitchen these low-cost ideas will surely give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Painting the kitchen furniture is not an easy task. These furnitures include table chairs and cabinets. It will be chaotic for a few weeks and everything will fall into pieces afterward the first thing you need to do is to choose the right paint. Choose a paint that will not chip and can withstand repeated cleaning secondly choose a color that will complement the appliance and other backgrounds. Before painting, you need to remove all the hardware, all the hinges, all the screws, the magnet, that usually keep the door shut. Organize all the hardware and don’t forget to label them. The next thing you need to do is to sand all the surfaces, using a sander-start painting using the oil-based primer. Make sure you have extra brushes and paint oilers. After you all done painting all the furniture and cabinets please remember to reinstall the hardware.

Another way you can use to fresher you kitchen is by replacing the hardware in your kitchen furniture. This hardware is not expensive and you find them for as little as They are available online and home-decor retailer shops. The first thing you need to do before you head to the store is to:-
(a) First, count the number of knobs on the furniture and on the cabinet doors.
(b) You also have to measure the distance between the attachments. All you have to do now is make an order online and wait for them to arrive before replacing them.

Changing an old faucet is one of the ways of giving your kitchen a new look. This is a very simple task that you can do within an hour.
Tools needed to replace a kitchen faucet include:-
Adjustable wrench
The new caveat
Channel-locking pliers
Tape measure
-The first thing you need to do is turn off the hot and cold water valves. Also, open the faucet to relieve the pressure.
-The next thing to do is to use an adjustable wrench and the channel locking pliers to disconnect the faucet from the supply line.
-Now you can pull the old faucet out and clean the surface of the sink.
-Measure the distance from each hole using a tape measure to make sure the faucet will fit
-all you need to do is to seal the new faucet using a gasket or plumber putty. Also, apply at the base of the faucet and set it into place.
-Using a Basin wrench thread on the flange and nut.
-Attach the supply lines to the valves that you had previously shot off the hot water connection is always on the left and the cold water connection is always on the right After all connections are done turn on the water from the closed valves if you find any leaks tighten the connections.

Installing kitchen shelves may seem very hard and intimidate with these techniques, it becomes very easy and you can do it with no problem. You will spend approximately one day on it and the budget is under s. s. o
-The first thing you need to do is to order, the cabinets. You also need to gather and organize all tools and materials your main task is to find the starting point and keep everything level. The cabinets need to be laid out ahead of time to avoid miss-steps
They also need to be aligned perfectly and measured for new countertops.
-To start with, you need to draw the vertical lines to mark each cabinet location .you need to label the location of each cabinet and mark the studs
-After the cabinets have arrived all you need to do is set the boxes and make sure that they are level. The top of the cabinet should be even with a horizontal line. After all, cabinets are in line, all you have to do is to clamp the frames together.
-After you have installed all the cabinets, measure the gap between the wall and the cabinets, and add filler strips. Make sure you close up all odd gaps. All manufacturers give, fill strips to match the wood type and finish.
-The next step you need to do is to make plumbing and electrical wiring cutouts. Using the layout lines on the wall layout plumbing electrical openings on the back.
-the next step is to install the peninsula and the upper cabinet. Screw all the cabinet s to the wall using the 2-1/2 inch screws. With the upper cabinets, you need help, keeping them in place and screwing them.
-The final thing is to install the doors and trim, where necessary, with the shelves finished, they will give your kitchen, one great look.

You can personalize your kitchen walls without using paint, all you need to do is to add wallpapers that will refresh your kitchen using the different color texture and patterns. These wallpapers include- mimic materials, you can continue with a color scheme. You can even do the outfit open shelves. Make use of contrast colors, don’t always go with the boring colors.

Decorative carpets and mats can be a very good way of giving your kitchen that looks you can have a carpet with various designs and patterns.
You can also have a carpet that has various textures and colors. Choose your colors wisely. You should have a color that complements your kitchen themes and colors. You can also have cool picture engraved on the carpets, be innovative with the mats, you can be creative, and you can write some text on it.


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