Renovating a bathroom can range from simple task such as replacing bathroom faucets to complex one such as moving toilets and bathtubs or even knocking down walls to create more space. This article will give you some of the best ways to renovate a bathroom. The first thing you should do before you start your project on the design, the first thing you should think about is the theme and color scheme. What mood do you want your bathroom to portray? This is the time to think about the bathroom accessories that you want to add or replace in your bathroom. you can get great pictures on how to renovate your bathroom from magazines and websites such as interest. Save the pictures that you like and from there you will know what to work with when you choose a certain theme, be sure to look for material to go along with that theme. The bigger the renovation the more it will cost you. Don’t abandon an idea just because it will cost you more. Be innovative and look for cheaper alternatives. A task such as changing tabs toilets and walls may cost more compared to simple tasks such as changing the accessories depending on the project types you may choose to hire a professional or you may do it yourself. For complex projects, please hire a professional. These are some of the bathroom renovation ideas.
—add a frame and install a shower pan. You can always get someone to assist you because you may need to lift and install a heavy thing. On the left corner of the shower, you can put 4-studs to support the shower door that you will, later on, put there. Use 2x4s To frame out the entire space. After finishing framing out the space use 1-1/2inch Styrofoam insulation to cover the walls. Cutting the Styrofoam is very easy, you just need a very sharp utility knife to do the job. Staple a vapor barrier onto the studs using a staple gun. The next step is hanging the concrete board using a 2-1/2 inch concrete screws. Once you have this board up seal the cracks on the board using mortar. The package comes with some instructions and directions on how to do that, please follow them. Before putting in the shower pan. Install the shower drain. if you don’t know how to do it hire a plumber to avoid any leaks. there are many options on the type of pan material that you would like to use we have cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic.
Paint the walls and the floor to prepare the area for tiling. Screw the concrete board to the floor. Choose the tiles that appeal to you most and they should also complement your theme. Purchase the floor tiles along with the mosaic tiles for the shower. The package always comes with some instructions on how to mix thin set. Use a trowel to spread the thin set on the back of the tiles and press it into place. But the tiles in the brick pattern and use a space to make sure all your tiles are evenly spaced you can buy or rent a tile saw to cut your tiles. Check at your home improvement store to see if they have one. You should let the thin set dry for 24-hours before grouting. You need to remove spacers before mixing the grout according to package directions. Use a dry towel to remove any grout that is on the tiles before it completely dries up. The other thing you need to do after you are done with the tiles is to paint the ceiling and walls. Chose your colors wisely to match your theme, If your theme is an ocean, you can choose to paint your bathroom blue.

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