The cost of lighting, heating, and water is very high. We must all try to conserve energy in our houses, so as to reduce the cost and also conserve the environment. Some little things like switching off the lights and some big projects like installing solar panels will help you conserve energy and save a lot of money. You can also teach and train your family to be energy efficient. Encourage them to make sure that all electronics are switched off when not in use. Tell them to also switch off the lights and open the window curtains during the day.
Here are some other things you can do to conserve energy in your home:

This is the first thing that you should do in your house. Sealing your attic will solve this problem in your house: drafty rooms, uneven temperatures between the rooms, dry air in the winter and also prevent dust in your rooms. With the sealing of the attic, you are able to save energy in your home. this stops air leaks and helps maintain the desired temperature in your house.When you air seal your attic, combined with insulation, this can help in the prevention of formation of ice dams in the winter. If you enjoy tackling big home improvement projects , then you can be able to seal your attic, otherwise, consider finding a contractor to advise and do this project.

People who live in drafty houses know to well that energy is being lost through windows and walls. One of the way you can use to make sure that energy is not lost through windows and walls. One of the ways you can use to make sure that energy is not lost through the windows is by replacing the windows.
This will greatly improve your homes energy efficiency but In the end its not cost effective. If your house has a single pane windows, you should replace them with energy star.Certified ones and they will save you between $126 and $ 465 a year. In the USA you can apply for tax credit to help you with the cost of replacing windows will greatly assist you in saving energy, this method is not cost effective. Other alternatives can also save energy and be cost-effective the first thing that you can do is to replace aluminum frames with vinyl frames. This will greatly reduce leaks and conserve energy. The other thing you can do is covering windows with plastics to avoid leaks. You can also tint your windows, this ensures that heat is not lost. Always open the blinds and switch off the lights to cut the power cost. If you notice moisture entering your house, you should replace your windows because the moisture leads to mold growth, which is more dangerous than high energy cost.

Old and faulty appliances can use a lot of energy. You would be able to save a lot of energy by using energy star certified appliances. This will help in lowering your electric bill as this old appliances use up a lot of energy. Some of this old appliances use up a lot of energy. Some of this old and faulty appliances also overheat and consume a lot of energy, they should be discarded. When replacing your appliances, do your research and go for the ones that are most energy efficient. You should purchase a one demand water heater and only goes on use when you call for hot water. You should efficiently use the appliances make sure to read the user guide properly and understand it so that you can be able to operate the appliance effectively. Don’t overload your washers, because you will be overworking them, which will lead them to consuming a lot of energy or even breaking down. Always make sure that when appliances are not being used that they are all turned off. Also, you should insulate the hot water lines to prevent them from losing a lot of heat.

Your gas furnace needs to be maintained and checked once per year. It serves the purpose of heating your home by taking in cold air. It then cleans the air with an air filter and heats the gas with a burner. The heated air is then distributed to the various rooms using a blower. When the heated air grills and the cycle repeat itself. To save energy and power consumed by the furnace works optimally. If your furnace stops producing heat and is blowing cold air there are a number of parts that could be fault. The first one is the thermostat. You can fix it or replace it. You can also cut down on cost and also prevent damage to your furnace that is over active or one that’s underperforming. You should also change the dirty filter so that the furnace work efficiently.

Adding solar panels will greatly reduce the electric cost. The solar energy can be used for both heating and lighting. With solar panels, you will be able to save a lot of electricity and you can be able to sell the power to the utility Company. When adding solar panels to your home you should build a grid tie. This simply means that your house will still be connected to the utility company where you have some extra power, you can sell to the company. You ll still have the power in your house during the dull cloudy days. These are the parts that you will need for your grid; solar panels, Power Inverters, Your house breaker box is where the system connects to your house. The net meter connects your house to the power grid. It also measures how much power you give or take from the grid. The other thing you need to know before installing a solar panel is how much you need in your solar house. This will help you know how much solar panels you need. Solar panels will cost you to install but in the long run , its cost-effective measure to save energy.

If you are still using the traditional incandescent bulbs you should switch to fluorescent bulbs or the LED bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs might be a little bit expensive but they will save you 75% of the power compared to the incandescent if you are planning to leave a room for more than five months the best thing to do is to shut off the lights. In most countries, the incandescent has already been banned.
Whereas the fluorescent bulb is better at lowering the bills, the real power saver is the switch.
You can also plant trees outside your house. During the hottest summer, they will provide shade and a cool breeze, reducing the amount of power and energy needed to cool your house using AC and fans. You can also collect rainwater and store it in huge tanks. The rainwater can be used to water your lawn and garden.

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