Great landscaping ideas

If you’re able to implement these great landscaping ideas then your lawn will be an attraction to the neighborhood. With these ideas, you’re able to add texture, color, and warmth to your lawn. You can deer-proof your lawn and add perennials and annuals to your lawn. Implement these ideas and you will make your lawn look great.

Grow blooming shrubs

Growing some shrubs in your lawn is one of the best ways to improve your garden. They usually add beauty and do not require a lot of maintenance. They are easy to grow and usually bloom in the summer giving your garden that eye-catching look. Here are some of the best-blooming shrubs that you should have in your garden.

Bluebeard shrubs

The shrub bloom late in the summer when it bears its beautiful blue blooms. It’s very easy to grow and maintain. It can withstand heat and drought. When the blue flowers bloom, they usually make a very good cut too. The flower also attracts a lot of birds and butterflies too making your lawn very lively. The Bluebeard shrub does well in sunny conditions and well-drained soil.

Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush usually flowers from summer to autumn. The flowers appear in a variety of colors including purple, lavender, blue, pink and white. The flowers also produce a delicious fragrance, giving your lawn that fresh and seat smell. For the butterfly bush to grow and thrive it requires a sunny climate and well-drained soil.

Carolina allspice

The Carolina allspice offers some beautiful red flowers during the summer. These flowers have a strong, spicy fragrance. The Carolina allspice is a native of North America. It’s tough and can withstand harsh conditions. It does very well in a sunny weather and well-drained soil.

Hydrangea paniculata

This shrub is very easy to grow. It blooms in the late summer and autumn. It produces very beautiful white flowers that eventually fade to pink and green. You can plant it in a large container or any landscape spot. The hydrangea paniculata does well in full sun or partial shade and a well-drained soil. They are other many shrubs that you can use for your landscaping project.

Plant Lilies

Lilies are very beautiful flowers that can be great for your landscaping project. They usually grow very well in containers; you can, later on, transfer them to your garden or lawn. The best time to plant them is in autumn and bulbs can be planted in spring.

How to plant Lilies in a container.

The first thing you need to do is place a layer of drainage material in the container. You can use small stones.
Fill the container with soil and potting compost.
Plant three to four small bulbs into the container. Allow 5cm between bulbs and only use deep containers.
You should use soil based compost for easier management. Make sure to add granules of fertilizers when planting because lilies are very heavy feeders. Always make sure the compost is always to use a high potassium liquid fertilizer. When the foliage dies down you can report the bulbs or transfer them into the garden. You should always keep the container in a well-ventilated place. It should be cooled and frost free. Lilies usually do well in cool winter conditions.

Dress your driveway.

They’re many ways to improve your driveway and give it that perfect and colorful look. You can repair and dress your driveway at a very low cost with these great ideas in order to give your property a nice appearance.

Concrete spray coating

You can cover the existing concrete driveway with a spray coating. You can apply a single uniform color to the surface, to give it that shiny look. You can also use stencils to create beautiful patterns on the concrete. Some of the patterns and effects include; Bush rock patterns, herringbone, basket weave and brick pattern.

Aggregate concrete

Aggregate concrete is concreated that has pebbles mixed into the concrete. This type of dressing has been around for decades, but professions have not stopped perfecting this art. You can choose from a lot of textures and colors. To achieve a very appealing and decorative design you can use different colored aggregate mixtures.

Decorative concrete layers

In this design using a combination of texture, concrete is made to look entirely like a different substance. You can also use it to create decorative textures patterns.
Another way to dress up your driveway is to get the artist to carve grout lines into the concrete. You can also use stencils to make other patterns.
Combinations of techniques.
A concrete artist can use a combination of techniques. The artist can create a multi-colored, multi-textured surfaces. He can add stones slabs with colored pebbles. On the surface, he can also add many different patterns.

Deer-proof your garden/lawn

After working hard on your lawn, we must make sure deer and other animals don’t wreak havoc and destroy the plants. We have many ways and tips that we can use.
Don’t overstock your garden with tasty plants. During the spring, dear are usually very hungry. They are usually looking to eat high protein food to gain back the weight lost in winter. Don’t grow a lot of high protein foods in your lawn. Fruit trees are usually prime targets too. Berries and peaches too are attractive to the deer.
Plant deer favorite plants close to the house. Deer love to feed on anything that’s tender, smooth and flavorful. Plant these plants close to the house in order to keep an eye on them.
Plant pungent perennials as a natural barrier. Deers heavily rely on their sense of smell for feeding. You can plant strongly scented herbs from garlic, mint, and lavender to mask the aroma of annuals.
You should grow thorny, hairy or prickly foliage. Deer will be bothered by certain textures mid-meal, because of the hairy and thorny surfaces.

Plant lively vines

Vines are a very good way to quickly add height, color, and texture to the garden. Spring is an ideal month of growing vines because of the cool, moist and temperate weather. Here are some of the most beautiful vines that you can grow in your garden.

Silverbell, chocolate vines.

They are shiny with a cluster of light green leaves. The silver bell is a very prolific grower and takes less time to mature.

Star jasmine

They are shiny, lush and dark vines that form a carpet of green all year. In spring they usually explode into a constellation of very lovely white flower with a very strong fragrance.
Moonlight hydrangea vine
This is a gorgeous plant with a rare side, with pink stems and some silvery ovate leaves

Blue crown passion flower

It’s a star-shaped dark green vine. It’s lush and tropical in all seasons. The flower is usually very beautiful. They are dark, purple, green, blue and creamy.

Billardiera longiflora.

This vine looks very good all season. It has very dense, evergreen leaves. It has spring flowers and fall berries. It gives your lawn that fresh, beautiful look.

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